Episode 4: Interview with Harvey Michaels


In this podcast we interviewed Harvey Michaels, an Energy Management Strategy Lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Harvey Michaels is a Faculty Lecturer at MIT's Business and Environmental Planning schools, where he teaches classes that relate to energy efficiency, smart grid, and sustainability. At MIT, Harvey also mentors student thesis research and energy clubs, judges idea competitions, and advises sustainability activities.

Harvey led the MIT Energy Efficiency Strategy Project, and participates in the MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative, Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research, Future of the Electric Grid research, and the campus Energy Task Force.

Before coming to MIT late-career, he was previously founder and President of two energy efficiency-related companies, providing services and analytics, and continues to serve on boards of several energy efficiency related companies.

He also advises the US National Renewable Energy Lab Advisory Board on Energy Systems Integration, the US Department of Energy "Sunshot" Initiative, and the cities of Boston and Cambridge as well as Massachusetts utilities on community energy efficiency and climate action.

Find out more about Harvey Michael's research and the MIT Energy Efficiency Strategy Project.

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